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Contract Number:

N00178-04-D-4048 awarded on February 26, 2008

Quality Assurance Program

KAB Laboratories, Inc. and our team members are proud to be able to offer our engineering and technical services to Navy customers in all seven geographic zones under the SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-E) contract. We have formed a diverse team with offices across the country in order to provide excellent, innovative solutions and dedicated technical services.

Team Members
N00178-08-D-5473 awarded on February 26, 2008


Forward Slope Inc.

Forward Slope Inc.

The Forward Slope Inc. (FSI) team is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in Computer Science, Defense Acquisition, Finance, Force Protection, Information Technology…


Points of Contact

For more information on our Seaport-E contract, please contact the following individuals at KAB Laboratories, Inc.:

  • Subcontracts Administration: Valerie Hooker, valerie@kablab.com, 619-523-1763 x737
  • Technical Contract Management: Valerie Hooker, valerie@kablab.com, 619-523-1763 x737
  • Customer Satisfaction: Chris Bott, Director of Operations, cdbott@kablab.com, 619-523-1763 x713